White French hybrid that is widely planted in the Midwest. Productive and easy to grow.  This variety can be used for still, sparkling,  and ice wine. 

European red widely grown in Bordeaux. Winter hardy and productive but requires thinning and careful canopy management to achieve ripeness. Made as a varietal wine only in the vintage years.

Cabernet Franc

Our Vineyard

Vidal Blanc 



European red hybrid originally bred in Germany, now found throughout eastern Europe. Ripens earlier than Cabernet or Chambourcin. Large tight clusters, as winter hardy as Cabernet and the bud are extremely fruitful. 

White French hybrid that is gaining in popularity throughout the Midwest. Produces a fruity white wine that we find is a great for blending or on some occasions as a varietal. Shares some characteristics with it's parent Gewurztraminer.

Over the past 20 years the Troutman's have experimented with many varieties of wine grapes in the vineyard. Some varieties have proven more adapted to the location than others.


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