Our Wines

Since 1998 we have cultivated our vines with the aim of producing high quality locally produced wine. Our first three wines were released in 2001, and our selection has gradually grown as our vineyards expand and we find new sources of high quality fruit.
—Andy Troutman, winemaker

Please note: Due to the limited production of some of our wines, certain products may not be available all year. Please call for precise availability. Also, be sure to check our wine availability page for a list of current store locations for Troutman Vineyards wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon "Postcard Series"

A full bodied dry red wine made from California grapes.

Enjoy with steak, lamb, duck or a dark chocolate desert.

Sangiovese "Postcard Series"

A full bodied dry red wine made from California grapes. This grape variety originates from Italy and is the primary grape used in Chianti.

This wine is the perfect partner for your dinner of BBQ meats, roasted veggies, roasted venison or game.

Farmer's Red

Grandpa Ralph kept his horses long after he bought his first tractor, and we still grow Concord grapes long after more fashionable varieties have come along. Maybe it’s a way to honor the past, or maybe it’s just stubborn farmers being stubborn.

Farmer’s Red is a sweet red wine made from Concord grapes best served chilled and it tastes great with a with peanut butter sandwich!

Farmer's White

In the fall of 1907 the Troutmans gathered with their neighbors to harvest potatoes, pausing long enough to take a photograph. Over one hundred years later the horses are gone, and now we gather each fall to harvest acres of grapes.

Farmer’s White is made entirely from Ohio-grown Vidal Blanc grapes. Aromatic and fruity, this semi-sweet white wine is a perfect match with soft cheeses or an apple pie.

Blackberry Wine

The fencerow around our vineyard hasn’t seen cows for years, and are now tangled thick with wild blackberries. These tiny juicy berries are the inspiration for our Blackberry Wine.

This super sweet dessert wine is best served chilled and is the perfect acompianment to a slice of cheesecake.

Honey Wine

This sweet wine is inspired by the fact that the yard behind our winery was once an apiary.  By chance, a swarm of bees took up residence in one of our decorative wine barrels in 2013 and we were able to snap a photograph for our label!

Cherry Wine

Most of the old sour cherry trees that grew along the dirt lane behind the winery are long gone. The few ancient trees that remain are both the inspiration for and the source of our sour cherry wine.

Made from Montmorency cherries, this wine is both sweet and tart — just like a perfect slice of of homemade cherry pie!


White Menagerie

This German-style dry white wine celebrates the Troutman family’s German heritage.  It is made from Ohio grown Seyval Blanc grapes that are fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks.


Ohio-grown semi-dry white wine with a distinct spicy and floral character, inspired by the gladiolas grown by Russell Roosevelt Stauffer on the same farm where we now grow our vines. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks to showcase the flavor and aromas of the Traminette grape.

Raspberry Wine

I have fond memories of my grandparents’ raspberry patch. It was always a treat to help pick berries and eat a few along the way. The raspberry patch is long gone, but it is the inspiration behind our red Raspberry Wine.

Enjoy a chilled glass of this extra-sweet dessert wine either alone or with a big sugar cookie or slice of chocolate cake.


Farmer's Blush

Long before the grocery store bread aisle the wheat was harvested using horses and the skilled hands of our friends and neighbors. When the weather was good there would be enough flour to put bread on the table for the year. Now when the summer is warm and dry we make wine for the table.

Farmer’s Blush is a sweet rosé made from a blend of Concord and Vidal Blanc grapes. Best enjoyed chilled with a fresh loaf of bread.

Red Menagerie

Red Menagerie is one of the original three wines produced by our winery.   The blend of red grapes changes depending on what the harvest brings in.


German grapes & German bands remind us of our German heritage. Dornfelder is a red grape originating from Germany that produces a medium bodied red wine.

Excellent when paired with schnitzel, sausage and roasted pork. Best enjoyed with polka.

currently unavailable

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

Just as elegant as the sleigh on it’s label, our ice wine is a special treat for a snowy day!  We leave our estate-grown Vidal Blanc grapes until early winter when we can pick them frozen and make this decadent dessert wine.

This 6-passenger Ontario sleigh from 1870 had a graceful, rounded body and a swan’s head at the front. It was finished in emerald green with green plush cushions.

currently unavailable

Cabernet Franc

Grown on our farm in gravel soils left from the last ice age, this dry red wine is full of cherry, violet, and cedar aromas. Hand picked and oak aged in small barrels for six months. Best enjoyed at room temperature.

currently unavailable

Pinot Blanc

Grandpa McKee wasn't much of a wine connoisseur, but he loved to fish. Grown on the highest part of our vineyard, Oak aged in neutral French oak barrels.

An excellent pairing with soft cheeses, rotisserie chicken, and freshly caught grilled fish.

currently unavailable